+ Interview, Feb 01: People Now: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3, Oct 03: Vogue Korea: Vogue Pop Interview, Nov 08: Model Press Interview by Stray Kids *, Nov 24: Stray Kids X J.Y. Posted by. Part 1 (Lee Know, HAN, Felix) | Part 2 (Woojin, Hyunjin, Seungmin) | Part 3 (Bang Chan, Changbin, I.N) subs by: StrayKSubs, Apr 17: I'm Celuv with Hyunjin, HAN, Felix, Seungmin, I.N, Jun 28: After Mom Falls Asleep (Lee Know, Hyunjin, I.N), Jun 30: Stray Kids Inkigayo Check-in Live EP.1 | EP.2, Aug 06: [#KCON19LA] Star Countdown D-10: Stray Kids, Sep 26: AbemaTV: "I am... in Shibuya" Interview subs by: StrayKSubs, Sep 30: LDF Team Work Test - Stray Kids EP1, Oct 07: LDF Team Work Test - Stray Kids EP2, Oct 08: Twitter Blue Room subs by: Jimboo chan, Dec 09: Dispatch x V Live Photoshoot Behind 1, Dec 10: Dispatch x V Live Photoshoot Behind 2: “Mission for SKZ: Act cute for fans”, After School Club with Stray Kids Oct 23 | Felix's Dance How To! I want to inform you that the new website is now https://t.co/H445WgnFxB Sorry for the inconvinience. Watch online 2020's best Korean variety shows for free with English subtitles! Penalty Shoot out Clip 1 | Felix), Felix's Dance How To! Free download high quality kshow. (feat. Episode 398 Levanter | HTML5 available for mobile devices. Mobidic: Mini Drama Stray Directors (Hyunjin x I.N), K-pop Opens the World with Fans (Stray Kids), Hyunjin HAN Seungmin - Yanghwa Bridge Cover, Thumbs: Dagger Game of 'Stray Kids' that become Naruto. NCT Members guest/star in a variety of different shows i.e. Apr 29: ... Oct 31: Live Before The Show [no subs] | Episode 30 with Stray Kids Nov 09: Episode 39 with Hyunjin Nov 12: Episode 42 with Seungmin . Aug 14 | K-Pop Idols & CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test)!! LIVE | Download Drama Live On Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia. Stray Kids Double Knot. Jul 31 | KCON 2018 JAPAN Star Countdown, K-LOG Ep 1&2, Dingo Mafia Dance & JYP One Day Trainee links added Sep 11: [After School Club] Episode 333 (MC Seungmin) Sep 11: [V LIVE… Check out Others or our Directory for more variety shows that Seventeen guested on. Clip 3 || English and Chinese subtitles available. Red Velvet's Zimzalabim, Must-Have Items for K-POP CONCERTS ! The words on the screen informed viewers that the first member would be revealed with a surprise live broadcast. Zoning Out || Video 4 * | Video 3 | Stray Kids Episode Playlist | PICK-DOL Woojin Cam Playlist || Felix), K-POP IDOL STARS who have dyed THEIR HAIR IN UNIQUE COLORS ! Felix's Dance How To! I.N and HAN's Speed Game (Rehearsal) | Aug 28 | Ha Sung-woon's "Blue". Close. Felix), Felix's Dance How To! Stray Kids Dance Battle Stage (Full Cam Ver. Let's Make Stray Kids Placard with Felix ! Welcome Back to School (also known as I'm Going to School; Oh, I'll Go to School; and Going to School; Korean: 학교 다녀오겠습니다 Romanization: Haggyo danyeo ogessubnida) is a 2014 South Korean variety program where celebrities will be attending a selected high school as students for 3 days. I really wanted to change the site name since long time ago >