Arguments rage over how the quiff itself differs from other classic cuts, such as the pompadour. If you have somewhat insubordinate hair and want a strong, firm hold, use hair wax. The earliest types were made from animal fat and therefore had to be scented with fruit (hence the ‘pomme’ in the name). To make things all the more muddled, a number of barbers might say that a pompadour is a type of quiff. The traditional styling aid for creating a quiff is a high-shine pomade. If shine is not your thing, opt for a styling paste. The latest quiff hairstyle with ultra-modern look offers a carefree, classy and cool hairstyle with messy texture. However, parting down the middle and curling in the side sections—also known as a ducktail haircut—is also an option. Voila! A textured quiff is perfect for winter, when blustery winds and a little drizzle will probably only make it look better. How to get a textured quiff haircut with skin fade. It’s an efficient and classy cut for guys who enjoy styling their hair. From there, Saboo suggests a very specific technique for achieving the desired end result. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the quiff changed the course of hair-story. Nevertheless, one can still make distinctions should he so desire. “The most modern take on the quiff is certainly to have the sides finished with a fade.”. 11. It is also a textured quiff with a more structured shape. Lower the heat setting on the hair dryer. For something in between, use a wet styling gel or lightweight pomade. Damp is the operative word here. The results is a more uniform and understated style, which works best on short to medium length hair. “Ask your barber to disconnect the sides from the top, level with your recession point until the back of the ear,” says Chapman. “Next, create [your quiff] using either your fingers or a comb while blow drying the hair to add volume.”. As bold now as it ever was, the rockabilly quiff delivers a slightly shorter take on the classic pompadour. “It’s all about gently working the brush through your locks while guiding the hair [into place],” says Chapman. Swept Back. One of those enduring styles is the rockabilly quiff. “The two stages for blow-drying is wet to dry and then hot to cold,” says Robinson, who also suggests blasting the hair with the cool shot button on the hairdryer for 10 seconds to help hold the finished look in place. Quiffs also work with most hair types, except those that are very curly, excessively frizzy or very fine. The men’s quiff haircut is clean, classic, savvy and versatile, and thereby a true way to flaunt what your follicles gave you. One of the most iconic haircuts to have ever graced men’s heads, the quiff has been big (and big news) since the 1950s, earning it a place in the follicular hall of fame alongside other icons of the barber’s chair including the French crop, buzz cut and short back and sides. Prepare to get busy with the pomade or other hair product, as you shape your quiff hairstyle to unkempt perfection. In either case, it’s the disconnection and contrast between long and short that gives this look its impact. According to research, it’s also judged one of the sexiest by women. In the same general ballpark is a quality fade, which grows in length as it ascends toward the top. If you want to style a quiff with shorter hair, aim for the textured quiff rather than the volume for a decent and sophisticated look. It will make your personality classier. To create the texture, Chapman suggests applying a salt spray when the hair is still damp and blow-drying it into shape with the help of a round brush before finishing off with some matte clay product for separation. They don’t call this one “classic” for nothing. “The quiff, meanwhile, has been consistently popular for decades; partly because it’s more relaxed, and there are so many different variations which can be worn by anyone.”. Swept Quiff @brotherhood__jiang on Instagram. The combed over textured quiff adds attitude and twist to your look. Exercise caution if you have a particularly thin face, though – the higher the hair, the more angular and elongated it’ll make you look. This unabashed narcissism also liberated men from the tyranny of not having to outwardly care about their appearance, laying the ground for the grooming revolution we take for granted today. 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A less formal, more relaxed take on the traditional quiff favoured by the likes of David Gandy, this version is less about sleekness and shine and more about matte texture. “You’ll need a hair dryer at the very least,” says Rockette. “Try spraying a small amount of hairspray onto your brush when blow-drying,” says Chris Beastall, founder of men’s grooming blog Ape To Gentleman. Needless to say (though we’ve said it multiple times already), the men’s quiff haircut remains a broad and dynamic concept. Not only does it create a tasteful sense of contrast, but it amplifies the texture and volume of the hair on top. Thankfully, today’s water-based alternatives are less messy, easier to wash out of hair and much kinder to your pillowcase. © 2020 Man of Many Pty Ltd – Sydney, Australia, 10 Faux Hawk Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men, 10 Faux Hawk Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men, The Macallan is Hosting a Ritzy 6-Course Whisky-Paired Feast in Sydney, This Ludicrous PlayStation 5 is Wrapped in 20kg of 18 Karat Gold, OMEGA's Legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch Collection Gets a Master Chronometer Upgrade, Sneaker News #21 - adidas' Forum 84 Revival Could Define 2021 in Footwear, 3 Simple Steps to Stop Hair Loss with Gro, 16 Best Summer Colognes & Fragrances for Men, 13 Best Solid Colognes & Fragrances for Men, 28 Best Barbers in Sydney for the Modern Gentleman. Most modern quiff haircuts employ an undercut or fade and then taper around the sides. High-shine products will channel Ivy League vibes while something matte will skew casual and contemporary. It’s easy to maintain and, depending on the length of the quiff, you can change up your style at any time. However, unlike contemporary takes on the style, the difference between the two is less severe, giving it a softer feel. Or, for a slightly more natural result, rough it up a little with your hands for a more rugged effect. Layered Quiff with Fade. “It’s a hairstyle that literally takes up more space, so it makes you stand out and gets you noticed.”. Using your fingers or a brush, push your hair up and back at the front so that it remains above the forehead. Swept-back, glossy and looking all neat without any obvious stray hairs going all about. However, you’ll still need to maintain that look at home so here are some general quiff hairstyle pointers: On the lookout for more men’s hairstyles, haircuts and pointers? And that’s a good thing since it leaves plenty of room for personal interpretation and style. See this tutorial with a textured quiff hairstyle, and how to style. It’s also a versatile look, as you can style your hair to the side or backward. Going longer, from 4 to 6 inches, will give you massive volume and a taller quiff. The hairstyle itself had been around for some years by the time it became popular as a post-war reaction to military buzz cuts and flat wartime styles. What is always required, however, is that you have some hair to play with in the first place. The quiff is similar to the pompadour in that both require short hair on the sides and longer hair on top, but the modern quiff can also offer the cool messy textured look. “To achieve the look, have a barber clipper your hair short on the sides and back, fading into the longer hair on the top that’s point-cut with scissors for an uneven, textured look,” he says. One way to render an existing quiff instantly smarter is to tone down its rebelliousness by working in a side parting. Pompadours are similar in that they take the hair off, up and away from the face, but are usually glossier and are very precise.”. #menshair #menshairtrends #menshaircuts #menshairstyletrends #shorthairmen #quiff #quiffhaircut #coolmenshair #besthaircutsformen. Everyone from Don Draper to David Beckham has rocked a classic quiff and who are we to argue with them? “And every single hair strand will need product on it to enable it to stand up straight, so you’ll need a comb [to work it through].”. It takes typically short styles and adds a longer length on top. Completely shave off your sides for a better emphasis on your top textured hair. The quiff hairstyle is a medium length hairstyle because of the volume needed on the top of the head. For those who want a soft hold and voluminous appearance, use a hair product like sea salt spray or volumising spray. Whichever you decide to go for, pomade is your best friend when it comes to styling. Apply a little more hair product to keep the look fixed in place. The first aim of the styling routine is to add depth and bulk, so do this with a texture powder or volumising spray added to the roots. “A psychobilly quiff is achieved by completely shaving the back and sides down to a zero, allowing a sculpted, reverse shark fin-style quiff left to take all of the glory,” says Rockette. There’s also something known as the men’s quiff hawk, making it all one big top-heavy family. Lose the pomade for this look, and run a gentle amount of hair clay up and backward through your hair. Since most modern quiffs require shaving or fading at the sides to emphasise what’s on top, they don’t always look great on guys with larger ears, either. Read on to check 20 of the best quiffs we have rounded up for you! Set your blow-dryer to maximum temperature and minimum speed. Textured quiff has long been popular yet has gotten on the growth in the past year. This beautiful quiff hairstyle boasts of a natural, casually textured quiff that is perfect swept to a side and back. Aug 9, 2017 - So, there's a lot of different variations of the quiff hairstyles of men's, from shorter to longer versions, and from more cleaner, controlled styling, to a tussled, messier look. Similar to a pompadour, the quiff is a high-contrast cut that brings a stylish, confident aesthetic to any guy’s style. Finish the look by working in a traditional pomade for added definition and shine. Keep shaping and blow-drying until your hair is completely dry. A number of them go all the way back to the 1950s, if not earlier. Try to keep the product and your fingers on the outside of the quiff to retain smooth outer structure and a nice overall shine. While it’s possible to do so with most types of quiff, if it’s your full-time intention, it’s worth letting your barber know. That manly suave feel looks great together with sufficient texture and an undercut, making this … As far as we’re concerned, the textured quiff haircut with longer hair is cool, effortless and fun to wear. Meanwhile, the men’s quiff haircut has no shortage of history behind it. From James Dean to David Beckham, a number of famous faces have helped keep this classic hairstyle in fashion. You’ll also like: Towel dry your hair until it’s relatively, but not completely dry. Since modern hair products can often reach super glue levels of strength, essentially any man with healthy hair can pull off a nice quiff or quiff hawk if he puts his mind to it. “The beauty of the quiff is that, depending on the shape or how tight the sides are taken, it can look quite different on whoever is wearing it, so you can make the style your own,” says Steve Robinson from the Electric Hair Group. Splicing together elements of the pompadour, flat top and sometimes even the mohawk, unafraid to make its voluminous presence felt, the amped-up quiff suits a wide range of ages, face shapes and personal styles. 10 Faux Hawk Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men. And once that’s done, style it using a volumizing spray or texture powder. A high fade haircut with a modern textured Quiff and beard, it makes a complete noticeable look. As a haircut, the quiff hairstyle follows the “short on the sides and long on top” men’s hair trend. Get a classic Quiff haircut. Again, it’s really a matter of finding the right approach and using the right products. 3. Classic Short Quiff. Because there are various types of quiffs—from the ducktail haircut to the textured quiff—a sense of endless possibility persists. Take a small amount and rub it between your palms and fingertips, then slick it through your hair from front to back. With celebrities’ quiff haircuts out of the way, explore 35 other quiff haircuts below. If a completely polished look is what you’re after, perfect the finish with the comb. Ripped straight out of 1950s Greaser subculture, it’s commonly associated with figures like Elvis and James Dean. The quiff is a classic men’s haircut featuring long hair on the top, especially in the front, and trimmed hair at the back and sides. An exaggerated, almost cartoonish version of the traditional quiff with elements of a mohawk, the psychobilly quiff (also known as the wedge quiff) has its origins in the fusion of rockabilly and punk. Needless to say, any textured Quiff requires more time and efforts on styling. Quiffs require significantly more maintenance than, say, a buzz cut. #1 Ducktail Quiff with Neck Design. David Beckham's new haircut is best known as a 'texturised quiff'. Textured Quiffs have much in common with messy ones, but here we are dealing with stacked pomps and strands, there can’t be anything accidental in such Quiffs. It’s no secret that the quiff haircut is a leading trend among hairstyles for men. Wash your hair using both shampoo and conditioner to eradicate excess oils. See more ideas about quiff haircut, fade haircut, types of fade haircut. This will help achieve the rigidity and height needed, but you’ll also need a little help from a coating of hairspray, which will add an extra shield against the forces of gravity. It’s then no wonder that this distinctive hairstyle has been trending for the past few years, as more and more men take a concerted approach toward their personal aesthetic. The short textured quiff is a haircut that has become a staple for men over the past year or so. “This adds extra hold without the need to overload your hair with product, producing a more natural matte finish and a quiff that lasts all day long.”, /* iOS and Android bug fixes */ - BluMaan Hair Products | - Time for something new. Textured Modern Quiff The textured modern quiff remains one of the best men’s haircuts to get right now. The quiff is a hairstyle that combines the 1950s pompadour hairstyle, the 1950s flattop, and sometimes a mohawk. Going a bit longer (such as from four to six inches) will award you a taller quiff and a massive volume. A textured quiff is perfect for winter, when blustery winds and a little drizzle will probably only make it look better. .js--ad-injector-root.js--injecting img { max-height: 50vh !important; overflow: none !important; } Long Haircuts and Hairstyle Tips for Men The pompadour may be the cut that’s been getting all the press recently, but according to Chapman, it’s the quiff that’s likely to stay the course. As with any quiff (and any hairstyle other than a mullet, for that matter), the ageless cut features shorter hair on the back and sides than on top. So be prepared to shell out on some basic styling gear like a round brush to tease the hair into shape as you blow dry it. Bottom line? ... #15: Thick Textured Quiff. Equally, a variety of different finishes can be achieved by simply altering your styling product. Start with a freshly washed and towel-dried mop. Throw in a classic fade and you’ll be rocking a seriously modern aesthetic. You’re rocking a solid men’s quiff haircut. Preceded by decades of history, it goes shorter on the sides and longer on top without resorting to grand gestures like a disconnected undercut or heavy fade. The style works best when there is plenty of hair on top which can be slicked back, but bear in mind that, generally, the longer the hair is, the more time it will take to style. As we said, there’s plenty of overlap and what defines a quiff to one person might not define it for another. For a textured quiff, you need to ask your barber to incorporate layers throughout the lower part of your hair. Put simply, a men’s quiff haircut is when the hair comes up at the front and curves toward the back, often forming a wall of hair directly above the forehead. Short on the sides and pointy on top, the quiff hawk is guaranteed to grab eyeballs. Ultimately, all three men’s hairstyles overlap and there remains plenty of confusion as to which one is exactly which. The Textured Quiff is a less formal, more relaxed take on the traditional quiff and less about sleekness and shine and more about matte texture. Of course, this raises the eternal question: what’s the difference between a pompadour and quiff anyway? And if you think this sounds like a faux hawk or pompadour, you aren’t necessarily wrong. Here’s your classic style for a quiff! When quizzed by styling product company Fudge on which haircut they are most likely to swipe right to on dating apps, 28 per cent of the 2,000 females asked picked the quiff. But it only became truly iconic with the advent of rock ‘n’ roll, when it became an overnight badge of teenage revolt. Stylish Textured Quiff Haircut. “Rub a styling paste or soft clay between your fingers and hands, so the warmth of your palms makes the product more manageable. “Rounder faces tend to have little structure or prominent angles, so a square-shaped hairstyle with height such as a quiff or classic casual side part with some height will be flattering,” says celebrity groomer Amy Komorowski, who has tended to the barnets of Eddie Redmayne and Ryan Reynolds. Wet Look Quiff. .js--ad-injector-root.js--injecting * { font-family: Arial, sans-serif !important; }. You want to begin styling when your hair is still on the damp side so that it’s more workable. “These are translucent, so hair looks and feels like hair but it keeps the style in place without being too oily or too dry,” says Robinson. A sharper, sleeker take on the old-school classic, the undercut quiff retains an authentic vintage feel, but also looks modern and edgy. Then, twist the hair slightly at the sides of the crown, pushing it upwards, before passing your hands through the quiff until you are happy with the result and the quiff stays in place.”. Here are some men’s quiff hairstyles that continue to stay the course, decade after decade. Men’s Quiffs also look fabulous if you happen to have thick hair. This article is part of our Trimmed & Terrific Series. These products add bulk, depth, and texture to the hair. Textured Quiff Haircut. Textured Quiff Don’t mistake the textured quiff for a messy hairdo, as this one requires a careful amount of patience and instinct. The starting point of the emergence of this particular hairstyle trend when the soldiers in the United States had only returned coming from the combat zone. Despite being the earliest version of the hairstyle, the classic quiff has held its place as one of the most stylish for decades. The hairstyle was a staple in the British ‘Teddy Boy’ movement. If you want an even longer look, try out a layered quiff like this one: Though the style looks unfussy, the textured quiff takes a bit of effort o get there. ... you should be looking to maintain enough length throughout the haircut to highlight the texture and movement of the cut. 3 inches is a bare minimum for a good quiff. “Warm the product up in your hands, smooth it through, and then comb,” says Rockette. Getting a textured quiff hairstyle starts with the right cut. Fortunately, there is an up-do for every dude, but they are especially good for those looking to elongate a round face. 3. Speaking of David Beckham, he’s also no stranger to the undercut quiff. When sitting in the chair, tell the barber that you’re after around four-to-five inches growth on top, with slightly more left at the fringe. You must first add depth and bulk, using a texture powder or volumising spray added to the roots. Instead, opt for something a bit more single story than towering skyscraper. True to its name, this men’s hairstyle pares down the sides and goes longer on top. Textured Quiff Haircut Some call it a pretty boy hairstyle, others say it’s a preppy haircut. The quiff is typically styled with some height and volume, and finished with a … Below are some textured quiff hairstyles for men to try:. A textured quiff with a low fade blasts your hairstyle out from the past and into the 21st Century. For those just starting to explore the men’s quiff haircut, you’re probably best off visiting a barber–it’s just common sense. A psychobilly quiff, like its rockabilly cousin, is best styled using a strong-hold pomade. Throw in the fact that it requires less maintenance than your average pompadour and what’s there not to love? A quiff hairstyle can be styled to look as close to its dapper potential with the swept quiff. “Choose the fade or taper style below the disconnection and create lots of texture through the top with length left for your quiff at the front.”. Layered hair or fringes will instill miniature waves of ducktails along the sides. Look for a lightweight model with a cool setting to avoid flame grilling your hair, which will cause it to appear dry and brittle. 10 Short Hairstyles for Men As such, the men’s quiff never loses its sense of coolness, even as it experiences ebbs and flows in terms of widespread popularity. To get your hair styled with a quiff look, you need long hair at the top and shorter at the sides. When it comes to choosing your own style of quiff, one of the most important factors to take into consideration (as with most cuts) is your face shape. 32 images that prove the quiff is an iconic men's hairstyle that works for every guy - young or old, smart or casual. While still working they are required to reduce hairstyle along with the buzz cut type.