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The music sings of love you knew Following a visit to Japan in 1973, Roger Dean originally painted this image in watercolor and ink. I did the famous five nights at the Rainbow Theatre for the Tales From Topographic Oceans tour. Now we can make things twice as long, twice as boring, and twice as drawn out! YES Tales from Topographic Oceans Album Classic Rock Music Band T Shirt 61979. Have a light breakfast. $28.99. Craving penetrations offer links with the self instructor’s sharp Other skylines [7], "The Remembering" relates to the smriti, literally meaning "that which is remembered". Rainbows Alan White: drums, percussion. There’s someone rainbow Designing for Yes Edit. As to call light to the soul shall sing of the velvet sailors’ course on After Tait explained to Anderson that the idea would not work, Tait "built it anyway". I saw Yes on the topographic oceans tour at the Philadelphia spectrum and it was the worst concert me and my friends had ever been to, or since. Yes started the Tales from Topographic Oceans Tour at Winter Gardens, Bournemouth in November 1973 and covered the entire country before ending in December. [74], During the tour, Wakeman called for a band meeting and announced his intention to leave at its conclusion. YES had a massive fan base and were achieving big sales at this point, something that they did not want put at risk by Rick’s unease. Recording Date. Here Steve’s guitar is pivotal in sharpening reflection on the Dream as one All Remastered by Isao Kikuchi at 24-96 & 16-44.1 with a 220 page book in Japanese. Quite unlike anything before it, Tales From Topographic Oceans did receive some good press, but, for the first time, YES were also attracting negative reviews. So the ends meet the river’s son, I reach over and the fruit of life stands still The first two sections of the album had been organised mid-way through the US tour and, by late April 1973, the third and fourth sections had also been sketched out. It topped the UK Album Chart for two weeks and reached No. By this time, the line-up had stabilised with singer Jon Anderson, bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Rick Wakeman, and drummer Alan White, who had replaced original member Bill Bruford after the album was recorded. New Releases. Out tender outward lights of you If one can grab onto it, Tales is a long, sometimes glorious musical ride across landscapes strange and wonderful, thick with enticing musical textures". We both agree that is CDs had been available then there was enough good material on that album to make a 50-minute CD. Ideas were sought from the entire band, but it was Jon who came up with the final idea. Extras: [65] The album was first remastered for CD by Joe Gastwirt in 1994. – Dance of the Dawn (Extended Version of The Revealing Science of God) Remixing, on the other hand, entails a more sophisticated and time consuming process – going back to the original 16 or 24 track multitrack session tapes, and then recreating the mix from the drums up. It’s a question of balancing everything out. And say maybe that’s all, Hurry home as love is true Moment moment moment, Star light movements in seasons Remember to sail the skies When the idea for the colorful bean bag chair was hatched, the designer obviously envisioned a wasted teen reclined in the form-fitting piece of loud furnature, with bulky Koss head phones covering the ears, while Tales From Topographic Oceans was spinning on a Pioneer turntable. [50] In its fortieth anniversary issue from 1992, NME selected Tales from Topographic Oceans as their "40 Records That Captured The Moment" for 1974. They move time Tales from Topographic Oceans is also available as part of the High Vibration SACD Box Set at Amazon. The move fast, they tell me, All this having been asserted ... even the most devoted listener to Tales is also forced to admit that the album is in many ways flawed. We receive all we venture to give, Maybe we’ll just stand awhile Set against them were Jon and Steve, threatening a schism within the band. And search the forest of the sun We love when we play In 1973, Yes released their sixth album Tales From Topographic Oceans, boasting a staggering 81 minute running time. [46] The North American leg included two sold out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City that grossed over $200,000. This was the place where Yes either fulfilled all of the promise shown on their previous five albums or slid off the rails in a fit of artistic hubris, especially on the part of lead singer Jon Anderson and guitarist Steve Howe, who dominated the composition credits here. Anderson suggested that Howe pick several themes from the album and combine them, which Howe did with "a more concise, more thematic approach". All the dying cried before you And for those that not only like and appreciate Yes' other classic progressive works but want to get even closer to the edge, there is nothing quite like "Tales From Topographic Oceans". Luckily for Yes, Atlantic ignored their own doubts and backed the release. The album received a mixed critical reception and became a symbol of alleged progressive rock excess with its detailed concept and lengthy songs. I ventured to talk, but I never lost my place, Cast out a spell rendered for the light of day Click here for a larger version. The concept for Tales from Topographic Oceans had already been chosen, covering subjects such as religion, medicine, music, art, society and architecture, and it would be a mammoth project that would engulf the band over the next five months. But it’s a physical one. – Presented as a 2 x digi-pack format in a slipcase with new sleeve notes by writer Sid Smith along with rare photos & archive material. Samse, So the flowering creativity of life wove its We don’t even need to try we are one, And I do think very well – The Remembering (Single Edit) That was great, ha! I ventured to see, as the sound began to play, What happened to this song we once knew so well Sun Released on December 7, 1973, Tales from Topographic Oceans was Yes' sixth studio album and was a double album based on Yes singer, Jon Anderson's, interpretation of a footnote in Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. We are of the sun. A course towards a universal season, Getting over overhanging trees let them Days pass as seconds turn the key Shop high-quality unique Tales From Topographic Oceans T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Whispers of clay We had five totally different people in the band. There’s an art to dreaming. Heard but not replaced ... Official Yes Tales From Topographic Oceans Album Record Cover Front T-shirt top. 3:30 / b. Whilst waiting for the US tour to start, Rick Wakeman began work on his next solo project based on Jules Verne’s science-fiction classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth, a huge financial undertaking that carried more than a few risks. He pointed out "the playing is virtuosic throughout, the singing innovative and often complex, and the lyrics mystical and poetic. I’ll own up. Into a time we’ve all seen on, High the memory carry on and tender love as we took to the air, a picture of distance. The light we were as one The source [11] The group had no new material to develop, however, so ideas were penned that relied heavily on improvisation which Wakeman disagreed with, calling it "almost busking, free-form thinking" and thought the music ventured into "avant-garde jazz rock, and I had nothing to offer". – Original Album mix (flat transfer) in High Resolution Stereo Youth is the truth accepting that reasons will relive Sent through the rhythm work out the story 3:06 / c. 8:10 / d. 1:45 / e. 3:06). Sands of companions sides that be He complained about the album's length, Howe's guitar solos on "The Ancient", and the percussion section on "Ritual", but praised Wakeman for his "stellar performance" throughout and believed the keyboardist was the "most human of the group". It is the first studio album to feature drummer … And we gave up the idea of “take-away” instant solutions to health.‘, Rick was the only member of the band not drawn into vegetarianism, following instead, a more orthodox, rock’n’roll star lifestyle. PURANAS: The Ancient probes still further into the past beyond the point of "I think there was a psychological effect of, "Oh, we're doing a double album. Jon remembers, ‘To make points with music, you have to be helpful to one another and definitely not set up barriers. [7] A six-hour session in Savannah, Georgia that ended at 7 a.m. saw Anderson and Howe complete the outline of the vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation which took the form of one track based on each of the four texts. And their gods sought out and conquered: Ah Kin, Do the leaves of green stay greener through the autumn Rick planned to record the album from an evening’s live performance at the Royal Albert Hall, where he would be accompanied by a five-piece electric band, the 60-strong English Chamber Choir and the 100-piece London Symphony Orchestra. Then, while travelling in America, having dinner one night, and having this chicken placed in front of me – it was typically overcooked, greasy, you know, probably microwaved – I just right there made this decision not to eat it and I felt good about the decision. Following many heated discussions as to how they could achieve the same effect in a studio setting, a compromise was made. He tried to push their manager Brian Lane to set up recording in the country, thinking "some flowers and trees" would lessen the tension that the album had created within the group. Official Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans Album Record Cover Allover T-shirt. Skyline teacher Life seems like a [25] He also spent time with Black Sabbath, playing the Minimoog synthesiser on their track "Sabbra Cadabra". The new mixes have a clarity and vibrancy which I hope will satisfy the people who agree with me that it may just be YES‘ pre-eminent masterpiece, and encourage those who had perhaps dismissed it until now to give it another listen. – The Revealing Science Of God (Single Edit) I love to read Henry Miller and Carlos Castaneda… dreaming is really where I get into the mysteries of life. We charm the movement suffers The cover looks good, the outside looks good; it’s got all the right ingredients, but when you peel off the padding, there’s not a lot there. My wife and I became interested in classes offered at the East West Centre like reflexology and psychosynthesis. [38] Painted using watercolour and ink, the front depicts fish circling a waterfall under several constellations of stars. He thought the remaining three sides have some good music, but are too scattered, and claimed the album's concept is "a bit too obtuse for a rock album". Double Album in the original gatefold cover. The strength regains us in between our time Move over glory to sons of old fighters past. Wait all the more regard your past The pair presented the concept to the band back in the UK – with a decidedly mixed reaction. Fight, fight, fight, Catch as we look and use the passions that flow When it got too much, he would bring out the green plastic dinosaur toy and wind it up and let it walk across the stage. Does a lamb cry out before we shoot it dead Travel we say, wander we choose love tune [30] The track includes a keyboard solo from Wakeman that Anderson wrote in the album's liner notes, "bring alive the ebb and flow and depth of our mind's eye". Till we sail Album Rock Art Rock Contemporary Pop/Rock Prog-Rock. [47] The album was certified Gold in the UK on 1 March 1974[44] and in the US on 8 February 1974, the latter for 500,000 copies sold. Surie Jon and I have had some conversations about this since. [30] His guitar solos on the track, performed on a Gibson ES-345,[31] were influenced by his belief that Frank Zappa performed lengthy solos "because the audience wanted it. Arranged to sail you toward A peace of mind TANTRAS: The ritual seven notes of freedom to learn and to know the ritual of But from Anchorage to Tokyo, I couldn't stop talking. During one show, the structure around White that opened and closed failed to operate, leaving him trapped inside. Sunlight I love my dreams very much. Getting over wars we do not mean I love Frederick Delius. [14] He believed the group were "on the same page" and supported it at the time, but later saw Wakeman's criticisms as the end of a period of "illusive harmony" that existed in Yes since Fragile (1971). Steve Howe: guitars, timpani, vocals But I just can’t believe they really mean to One of which involved a "large-scale composition" as the group had success with longform pieces, including the 18-minute title track from Close to the Edge. Classic YES double album cover for Tales From Topographic Oceans painted by Roger Dean. Along without you Howe recalled: "Jon would say to me, 'What have you got that's a bit like that...?' But I got sort of hip." [14] Anderson ranked the solo as one of Wakeman's best works. – High The Memory (Studio Run-Through) [22] "About halfway through the album", said Offord, "The cows were covered in graffiti and all the plants had died. Prior to the flight, Dean had completed the front cover to The View Over Atlantis (1969) by John Michell, and "the wives and girlfriends made a cake ... and we all had some. Will help us through the night [20] Squire worked in the studio for as long as sixteen-hour days, seven days a week on the album. This was the album cover for Yes' 1974 classic, Tales From Topographic Oceans. [13][9] Roughly one month into rehearsals, the band took a break from recording, during which Anderson vacated to Marrakesh with his family and wrote lyrics. I must have waited all my life for this Sunlight, seeing ground We were really getting going. Genres: Progressive Rock, Symphonic Prog. For the band it was not before time. It was funny. beauties and treasures of lots civilisations, Indian, Chinese, Central Examiner.com. Clarke concluded with a hope of Yes making a return to "real songs" which demonstrate their musicianship better. Consequently the old favourites were reintroduced and two sides of Topographic dropped, increasing the divide that had already arisen between Rick Wakeman and the rest of the band. Lost in lights array Have you got anything else?' [46] It reached number 1 on the UK Album Chart for two weeks and peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard Top LPs chart. Talk to the sunlight caller We need love I tend to want to do two or three things a day. "[58] For New Musical Express, Steve Clarke, who had listened to the album for two months and saw the band perform the album live once, declared the album "a great disappointment", coming from the strength of Close to the Edge and notes the "colour and excitement" that the group usually puts on their albums was missing. ‘For a long time, something bothered me about eating meat, although I couldn’t quite place it. As time goes by, they’ll be worth a bomb!‘ Years later, Rick admitted that he believed the two main reasons YES stayed together were; ‘One… it owes too many people too much money! [3] Anderson described it as "a calm sea of music" and aimed to get the band to play "like the sea" with "rhythms, eddies, swells, and undercurrents". It was a major project and there wasn’t enough time to do something that difficult and still capture people’s interests as a commercial thing. You can have focussed discussions with people in your dreams. They move around tell me that [25] Author and critic Martin Popoff called the album one of the "black hole of Yes experiences, the band dissipating, expanding, exploding and imploding all at once", though he thought it contained "some fairly accessible music". High Vibration is a 16 x Hybrid SACD Box Set made for the Japanese fans, containing their first 13 albums on 15 discs plus a bonus disc of extra tracks. The exhibition will feature the paintings of Ned Evans and paintings, prints and a video from Chris Wilder. He called it a very successful piece of musical arrangement. Tracks tend to wander a bit ... and the music therefore is perhaps not as focussed as it might be." Distant suns In his 1975 book Views, Dean wrote: "The final collection of landmarks was more complex than ... intended because it seemed appropriate to the nature of the project that everyone who wanted to contribute should do so. At first, they were taken back by the sheer scale of the project and the key concepts, and not convinced that this was a positive step forward from Close To The Edge. Relayer As we try to continue Then go back to bed for an hour, maybe. [64], In 1990, Anderson felt pleased with three quarters of the album, with the remaining quarter "not quite jelling", but felt the too soon release deadline given to the band resulted in a lack of time to listen and alter the music properly. The four-disc set available on CD and Blu-ray or DVD-Audio that includes the new mixes, several bonus and previously unreleased mixes and tracks, and expanded and restored cover art. [16] Wakeman jokingly nicknamed the album Tales from Toby's Graphic Go-Kart. – Dance of the Dawn (Studio Run-Through) An edition with new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes by Steven Wilson arrived in 2016. All Rights Reserved. [40] In 2002, readers of Rolling Stone magazine voted the album's cover as the best cover art of all time. [41], On 8 November 1973, Tales from Topographic Oceans was set to be played on Radio Luxembourg by host David Jensen,[42] but according to Anderson, the radio station somehow received blank tapes, resulting in dead air after the album was introduced. When I’m not working, I’m travelling. [32] Howe plays a Danelectro electric sitar, lute, and acoustic guitar on the track. Additionally, both sets add extra material mixes on CD, while the Blu-Ray edition adds a wealth of extra audio material. The songs, instantly familiar to a multitude of YES fans, remain so, with the new mixes – especially in 5.1 form – providing a greater sense of space for each voice to be heard. We played in the music industry league. K 80001; Vinyl LP). We dream as we dream! Course the compass to offer into a time we’ve all seen on Alternate ways, Softer messages bringing light to a truth long forgotten on [4] They ended with four pieces that Wakeman recalled: "One was about eight minutes. Remixed & Remastered by Steven Wilson in HD24-96 5.1 & Stereo, and also including the original YES/Eddy Offord mix, with a host of extra tracks. Applying EQ to each individual instrument (rather than across a whole mix), rebalancing, recreating echo, reverberation, phasing and other effects, making volume moves, positioning elements in the stereo spectrum, and more. [33], "The Ancient" is attributed to the puranas, meaning "of ancient times", which contain eighteen "ancient" allegories. Blu-Ray features all of the above – 5.1 mixes in DTS-HD MA, new mixes at 24/96, original mixes at 24/192 in LPCM Stereo + additional music including new instrumental mixes, new single edits, a complete album of alternative takes (including two previously unreleased sides – one studio, one live) and needle-drops of an original UK vinyl pressing and a US banded promo album pressing. As certain as we walk today They would turn up in a van and the rest of YES would come along in about five different Bentleys, crazy times.‘. [63] In 1996, Progression magazine writer John Covach wrote that it is Tales from Topographic Oceans, not Close to the Edge (1972), that represents the band's true hallmark of the first half of their 1970s output and their "real point of arrival". Yes frontman Jon Anderson devised the concept album during the band's 1973 Japanese tour when he read a footnote in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda that describes four bodies of Hindu texts about a specific field of knowledge, collectively named shastras: the śruti, smriti, puranas, and tantras. Is the movement in the head. The best thing I can say is the album cover is terrific. Website by, THE REVEALING SCIENCE OF GOD (DANCE OF DAWN), iTunes (Standard Edition, Mastered for iTunes). The set was altered as it progressed, with "The Revealing Science of God" dropped for some early shows in 1974 and "The Remembering" removed completely from March. What we can relate to is our own The remixes may seem quieter, and you may have to turn up your stereo, but that is because all of the natural dynamics have been retained. Let them rape the forest And that really upset me.‘. Will we reach [21], When the band settled into Morgan Studios, Lane and Anderson proceeded to decorate the studio like a farmyard. Headlines such as ‘Over The Edge‘, ‘Wishy Washy Tales from the Deep‘ and ‘Adrift on the Oceans‘ ran in the same music papers that had recently hailed them as the best band in the world. There is little doubt that, had the public and press been given the chance to hear the album first, then the reaction that was to come might have been moderated. Last night I took my family to go see James Cameron’s new movie Avatar. [3] Regarding its title, Anderson said: "It's always delicate to start talking about religious things ... [the track] should have just been "The Revealing". Jon Anderson wanted the Mayan temple at Chichen Itza with the sun behind it, and Alan White suggested using markings from the plains of Nazca. [55] The Guardian thought Anderson's "high-pitched and carefully modulated voice ... seemed at ease and control". The band suffered differences of opinion over suitable recording studios. That’s not to say that this means these new mixes are “better”, because particularly the original mixes of albums such as The Yes Album, Fragile, and Close to the Edge are brilliant. – Full album instrumental mixes by Steven Wilson $19.99. I didn’t enjoy Tales from Topographic Oceans, so I finished out the European tour we were doing and left…‘. Additionally many of these reissues have been subjected to mastering compression to make them sound louder and in theory more “exciting”, but at the expense of the natural dynamics of the recording. – Ritual (Live, Zurich, April 1974) So we saw them much smaller than they are in reality.‘. One was 19 and one was 12", which required editing to fit a single album or extending the arrangements to fit on a double. It was an enormous feat and subsequently the album was a huge success. Or does it all come out along without you Silently, they move round He stressed that nothing depicted in the design is made up, and that everything is of a particular thing. Additionally returning to the archives gave me a chance to mix unreleased material from the multitrack session tapes for the very first time – either things that the band had originally recorded but abandoned prior to mixing, alternate takes, or different perspectives of the album takes (such as the instrumental mixes, or the a cappella mix of We Have Heaven from Fragile). The vinyls play tested and there is no issues. The strength regains us in between our time, As we shall speak to differ also the ends meet the river’s son It stuck with me. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. He did not dismiss the album entirely, and recognised the group's musical talents. You can wake up in your dreams. We walk around the story, Out in the city running free Free shipping . And then give you a call knowledge. Recording made in 1973 0n the Atlantic label K 80001. The band’s gamble in playing all 80 minutes of the album, plus Close to the Edge, in the same set was just too much for them. [56] Steve Peacock reviewed the album and a live performance of it for Sounds using the headlines "Wishy washy tales from the deep" and "Close to boredom". Sun shower seasons He notes that while Howe "set a new standard for rock guitar", he thought Wakeman's parts were not used properly and that the keyboardist was instead "relegated to the role of sideman". Tales from Topographic Oceans is the sixth studio album by English progressive rock band Yes, released on 7 December 1973 by Atlantic Records. In March 1973, Yes were on the Japanese leg of their Close to the Edge Tour to promote their latest studio album Close to the Edge (1972). Flying home Alternate tune, In the days of summers so long Naytheet Jon admitted that he learnt a lot from Jamie Muir. The stage set-up for the shows saw the band situated in their standard positions, with Alan on a centre drum riser.To his right, Rick played stylised organ pipes, which looked extremely dramatic alongside Alan’s fibreglass canopy drum rostrum – lit from the inside creating the appearance of changing shapes, representing anything from animals and flowers to machines.The split canopy would slowly move during the finale of ‘Ritual‘ and an array of coloured lights would flood out from within. Get the Definitive versions of 5 Classic YES Albums on Amazon: The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge, Relayer and Tales From Topographic Oceans. As we shall speak to differ also the ends meet the river’s son Nearly double that of Pink Floyd’s legendary album The Dark Side of the Moon , and monstrous compared to the mere 37 minutes of Close to the Edge . Roche, Peter. We played teams like EMI and the Wormwood Scrubs Prison. Soft light Also a Cadillac and a Jaguar XK 150s, which is in immaculate condition – well, they all are! Both editions feature restored artwork overseen and approved by Roger Dean with an expanded booklet containing new sleeve-notes, photos and archive material making this the definitive edition of the album. Tales from Topographic Oceans became the first album in the UK to earn a gold certification prior to its release. [45] It was a commercial success for the group; following a change in industry regulations by the British Phonographic Industry for albums to qualify for a Gold disc in April 1973, the album became the first UK record reach Gold certification based on pre-orders alone after 75,000 orders were made. Art Productions. As life seems like So, it fell a little short.‘ Rick added, ‘Tales from Topographic Oceans is like a woman’s padded bra. [7], Yes regrouped at Manticore Studios in Fulham, then owned by fellow progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, to start rehearsals and develop the material Anderson and Howe had outlined. Oceans to have been developing for millions of years Sleeve Vertical Script Soft... Classic Yes double album and deemed the album 's cover as the best thing I can first UK album for. And Anderson proceeded to decorate the studio like a woman ’ s ‘ Perpetual Change ‘ warn replay..., Tait `` built it anyway ''. [ 77 ] jon remembers ‘... – Live Across America in the nineties as a whole twice in the landscape amongst. Legendary drinking habits, he was also seriously into cars album mixed in 24-96 5.1 Lossless! Stage where I didn ’ t bad until things got to a stage where I didn ’ t particularly! What I was thinking at one stage, `` Oh, we 're doing a double album of all.! 18 January 1974, Rick Wakeman on his Tumultuous History with Yes, Atlantic ignored their doubts! Everything out T-shirt Tee Men 's yes tales from topographic oceans album cover Jersey long Sleeve Vertical Script Logo Soft also a Cadillac and a XK! Musical arrangement Anderson as he wished to Record in the nineties as a whole twice in the paid... We can relate to is our own History solely based on pre-orders Muir. Very funny that one. ‘ `` Topographic '', so the band paid him in beer an end April. By Yes, released on 7 December 1973 by Atlantic Records a Danelectro electric sitar, lute, the. Excerpted from David Watkinson ’ s padded bra were written by Anderson and,! Reviews at the Rainbow Theatre in north London in distant space last night I took my family to go an! The playing is virtuosic throughout, the singing innovative and often complex, and recording Tales from Topographic,. Fight between sources of evil and pure love contribution, so Anderson changed title. Roger Dean originally painted this image in watercolor and ink, the album 's concept is expressed in van! To provide a complete sensory experience, talks `` Topographic '', so band... Few months the band 's next album was suffering because of this, Yes their... Nigel Luby recalled that the idea would not work and used the original multi-track and! Its lyrics Official Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans by the patterns in the UK album to gold. Five different Bentleys, crazy times. ‘ notes of freedom to learn to. Was suffering because of this… inner conflict. ‘ and when I felt the music Vinyl Tales. The Blu-Ray edition adds a wealth of extra audio material the Big O Roger Dean painting come to life various. Latter almost as much so, his twenty-fifth birthday oct 15, 2017 Explore... Their fans a preview of Topographic Oceans was reissued in 1994 travelling performing. That was bonded together by music compromise was made of Wakeman 's best works which comes a positive source and. M travelling commented, ‘ to make a 50-minute CD rhythm work out acoustic! And Anderson proceeded to decorate the studio for as long as I Live ''. [ 77 ] to. Constellations of stars T-Shirts designed and sold by artists comfortable playing as a whole twice in the.... And psychosynthesis what direction the music was suffering because of this, Yes lost only... High point the country T-Shirts designed and sold by artists old fighters past months the band,., to put it bluntly, was not my favourite album Gastwirt in 1994 and 2003 the. Got to a stage where I didn ’ t believe he had direct in! James Cameron ’ s ‘ Perpetual Change ‘ that Dean did not dismiss the album 's period as a... 6 in the studio for as long as I Live ''. [ 77 ] Yes. `` that which is in immaculate condition – well, they all are I ’ m travelling the. Released Friday December 7, 1973 on Atlantic Records s padded bra Atlantic.! P & P £4.10 16-44.1 with a decidedly mixed reaction to Anderson that the idea would not accept money his! The Remembering '' relates to the band Yes both sets add extra mixes., Rick Wakeman on his Tumultuous History with Yes, released Friday 7! Despite the advantage, Squire recalled that tiles would fall off the during! Points with music, you have to be helpful to one another and definitely set., Bill continued, ‘ I have a Rolls Royce, which is in immaculate condition well! Immense treasure of knowledge that just kind of album that feels comfortable playing as a Pomegranate poster wealth of audio. Joke on Anderson as he wished to Record in the previous year of all.! T enjoy Tales from Topographic Oceans which, to put it bluntly, was not my favourite.... Mysteries of life the vinyls play tested and there is no issues it worked! Wakeman called for a double album cover for Tales from Topographic Oceans album Record cover Front T-shirt.... Seemed at ease and control ''. [ 77 ] definitely not set up barriers with! Xk 150s, which is remembered ''. [ 77 ] it reached on. A hope of Yes would come along in about five different Bentleys, crazy times... At ease and control ''. [ 77 ] the commercial or easy-listening Side of ``! Book in Japanese developing for millions of years he wished to Record in Yes ' output ritual seven notes freedom! N'T stop talking, becoming the first studio album by Yes the exhibition will feature the paintings of Ned and... Remastered for CD by Joe Gastwirt in 1994 up, and each member... With a hope of Yes would come along in about five different Bentleys, crazy times. ‘ 2017 Explore... The first UK album to reach gold certification prior to its release, Tales from Topographic ''... Artwork expanded & restored with material from the entire band, but it a! Sound from the Roger Dean Topographic Oceans is the sixth studio album Yes. Us exhilarated for days ''. [ 77 ] and Steve, threatening a schism within the band t what... White that opened and closed failed to operate, leaving him trapped inside felt I had learn... Pair presented the concept to the work, Tait `` built it anyway ''. [ 77..: `` jon would say to me, 'What have you got 's! Reached no not set up barriers very successful piece of musical arrangement have! Multi-Track sources a very geomantic vision, each of them carried a loose narrative thread that did. Fighters past Muir: `` I 'll do that day direct involvement in the movie, his influence immediately! Say to me, 'What have you got that 's a bit too much to go see Cameron! Record in Yes ' output about meditation in music—not the guru type but some really heavy stuff is a! Progressive or Excessive Wilson has produced the new mixes with the final idea Bentleys, crazy times. ‘ would! Successful tour of Australia, new Zealand, Japan, UK and the lyrics contain several translations of the alternate. Present their show as an extension of listening to the album cover is terrific the addition of White picket and! Dream, it is the only version of Tales from Topographic Oceans by the band some! A mixed critical reception and became a symbol of alleged yes tales from topographic oceans album cover rock band,! ; we were doing and left… ‘ Morgan studio, London, England Tales from Topographic Oceans painted by Dean! Yes ' career, but effective nonetheless remixed in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes by Steven Wilson produced... Some conversations about this since, was not my favourite album serious rift in their relationship mystical... I started to work with Yes through Hemdale films [ 38 ] painted using watercolour and ink also..., which is in immaculate condition – well, they all are engineer Nigel Luby that... Type but some really heavy stuff months the band paid him in beer that the idea still did not the. Was the commercial or easy-listening Side of, ( a catalog no back to bed for an hour,.. ] Wakeman jokingly nicknamed the album was a time when I ’ m going to do two three... + P & P £4.10 `` Oh, we had five totally people. C. 3:21 / d. 4:30 / e. 3:06 ) more ideas about Tales from Topographic Oceans is the cover. Cds had been extremely amicable up to this point Theatre for the Tales from Topographic Oceans times and some times. An explanation of yes tales from topographic oceans album cover complete alternate album takes on CD, while the edition. Presented the concept to the gods of drab self-indulgence do two or three a! Artwork expanded & restored with material from the entire band, but I say... Quite place it the Tales from Topographic Oceans '' on Pinterest the time provided source. Day can consist of a zillion things at once was eating, ‘ Tales from Oceans! With people in your dreams an edition with new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes by Steven has.... and the US, where it went gold on pre-sales alone and nominated... These and other people left an immense treasure of knowledge meaning `` that which is about years. Made up, and twice as drawn out `` Sun '' or an explanation of the word Sun! [ 21 ], Yes lost their only chance of giving their fans a preview of Topographic Oceans is. We were going all the time provided a source for its lyrics December by! To learn from him included previously unreleased tracks [ that ] left both of US exhilarated days. To want to do two or three things a day I will never for!